Apr 17, 2014


Hey guise! Like finally i can post something new on my blog
I actually got a lot of pictures to post, but i only have one week free from school (its not an excuse anyway i know). But i'm too lazy to resize every single shot of it :")
But here is it, my new outfit post yaaaay (i know i get more excited than you guys are)

So its been a long time since my last outfit post because i have to take all the pictures by myself using a tripod. but it looks like i got a semi-outfit-hipstur-whatever photographer friend here to took it for me!

 photo DSC_7219_zps17567f91.jpg

I never liked white before, but i kinda found white makes everything look a little bit simple in my opinion. To give a little pop of color, i'd love to complete my outfit by wearing this neon-hologram-orange clutch and my orange dr martens shoes.

 photo DSC_7203_zpsf768d2a0.jpg
 photo DSC_7204_zpsc8c6d961.jpg  photo DSC_7213_zps2c311bdf.jpg  photo DSC_7214_zpsa0fb3225.jpg

 photo DSC_7256_zpsa46e4119.jpg  photo DSC_7261_zps3b10cead.jpg

 photo DSC_7281_zps38467913.jpg

Crop top- Bershka
Shorts- Cotton On
Shirt- New Look
Clutch- ZARA
Shoes- Dr. Martens
And if you guys wondering what i use to draw that daisies on my thigh, i'm using face-deco. You can purchase it from your local bookstore, :)

Hope you guys enjoying my new post, and Happy Easter bytheway:D