Jan 11, 2014

Last Christmas Outfit Of The Week! (video)

The school has started last week! But i got sick and yeah, extended holidayyyyy *drums*
Its actually doesn't feel so good to stay home because of sick, you can't do anything and all you want to do  is sleep and eat.
And sometimes you feel so dizzy and tired, but still you can't have a good rest, thats really sucks uh

Okay so i'm kinda into making a video rite now, i'm sorry for an unusual blog post.
I mean like, i'm so in catchy songs mood and i just want to hear some music while doing an outfit post hehehe :p

This is my Christmas Break Outfit of the Week, kinda of two weeks but you know, i didn't go out everyday so its kinda just a week for me. I know this video is not as good as people out there had but i just love it :3

and I hope you guys enjoy my quick-video-blogpost, see you guys later! Have a nice day:)