Oct 17, 2013

Little Thought

HEEEEY i finally recovered. I just got sick like 4 days ago and yeah i hate sick, and its holiday. EW why.

I got this thing been in my mind for last 2 months. 
No offense, but i think Indonesian people's words are mean. I followed @/ootdmagazine and @/ootdindo on instagram for a quite long time and i've been seeing this for so long and i just don't like how it ends (almost) everytime @/ootdindo post a new outfit from a lot different people.
1. Nay, too simple.
2. Nay, too much.
3. Nay, gak cocok. (didn't match)
4. Nay, jelek. (ugly/not good looking)
5. ABSOLUTELY NAY and the others meanie meanie 'NAY'.
Everybody got the right to wear whatever they want. OOTD=outfit of the day, so i think it's okay to be too simple or too much. Cause when you feel comfortable and confident with your style that's the point of being true to yourself. If you don't like their style you can just leave it without like, and maybe you can leave some suggestions (in a polite way), you don't have to insult their style cause it's theirs and you're not forced to wear everything @/ootdindo posted, rite? :))
Just saying anyway. Sorry if i offended some of you, girls.
 photo photo_zps71720b39.jpg
Outer - Kidnapped Ally
Bustier - New Look
Shorts - Lilmiss Colette
Belt - New Look
Watch - Bitenji (@Bitenji on Instagram)
Bag - Bershka
Sunnies - Lilmiss Colette
Shoes - New Balance

 photo photo_zps7b2e9354.jpg

 photo photo_zpse17f93db.jpg
 photo photo_zps21e042b4.jpg photo photo_zpsa515f010.jpg

 photo photo_zps1dd4ba4d.jpg

My shoes is actually my little brother's, he was just 10 and he said he can't wear it because it too small. Idek i have no idea but i can wear it, just like a perfect sized shoes for meh! hahah and i really in love with em:))

Hows your day guys?
Have a nice day!! :)

Oct 10, 2013

You will never too old

 photo photo_zps184c4981.jpg
Hey guise. I finally had my mid term break, i've been waiting for like 100++days and its finally here.

I dont think this is really mid term break cause we still have a lot of projects and those thingy things. Ugh.

 photo photo_zps6d4c13ca.jpg   And by the way i went to GoGirl Expo last week, visiting my bestie booth. Its pretty crowded and there's a lot of super kewl things i just cant
I mean can i buy all of them i just love it
 photo photo_zps050f84b1.jpg

 photo photo_zps59159703.jpg

 photo photo_zpsdc7f8d80.jpg
Ah and my {almost} whole outfit are from h&m. The jacket, skirt and beanie. I purchased it last holiday in Singapore.
I got my platform sandals from a shop and i forgot the name but  its so comfortable and worth buying. 

 photo photo_zps4c284b90.jpg
And this is my fave part of my outfit, my clear clutch! I got them from @clutchtheclutch *check it out on instagram!*

I took these photos in Gandaria City Car Park LOL and i go inside a trolley beside my car hahahah :P you'll never too old to sit inside a trolley!

Have a nice day :)

Oct 3, 2013

Flowers in your hair

This song have been stuck in my mind for about months and i cant stop listening to it. I mean, that was just a perfection in 111 secs. I'm so in love with this.

Flowers in your hair - Lumineers. TRY IT TRY IT

Have i tell you my new addiction, i just so in love with daisies and sunflowers, i just cant even ugh.
They're just pretty and purrrrrfect.

 photo DSC_5667_zpse25e6db5.jpg  photo DSC_5664_zps377b782d.jpg  photo DSC_5660_zps6d74ba07.jpg  photo DSC_5676_zps03d896ce.jpg  photo DSC_5677_zps23ee79dd.jpg 
 photo DSC_5697_zps959765ed.jpg I took this picture last week actually but i was pretty busy at that time so i can't post it.
I'm wearing a black tank top by Giordano, Black Flare Skirt by Cotton On, my shoes by Doc Martens and my cutie socks was from Topshop.
I know this outfit was pretty simple so i'm wearing my flower crown (or can i call it flower band?) and my earring by forever21. I just got my right ear pierced, people said that it doesnt hurt at all but it actually hurt. a little bit.

Btw I'm on my clean eating progress, I avoid all those sweet treats like crazy :((
I'm envying those girls that eat so much but never gain any weight. YOU LUCKY.
And actually clean eating was good, it not only get you skinnier but it helps keeping you healthy and fit.

So that's all about my last outfit photos, did you guise finished your mid term test yet? Good luck anyway :D
Have a nice day!