Aug 13, 2013


Hello guise!! :) :D :) :D
Excuse those emoticons idk what i just type tehehehehe i'm feeling like a weirdo now

Okay, so i'm posting a new outfit again!!! YAY i like it when i post more often hahaha i love holiday:)
I got a lot of spare time to take some pict of my outfit and post it to my blog, thats why i hate doing homework and studying on my holiday. I mean, that was the 'I-DID-IT-ALL-ON-MY-SCHOOL-WEEK' things. 
But don't worry, it'll be done later. These blogging things won't disturb my school stuffs. {TRUST ME}

 photo photo_zps92dd2408.jpg
 photo photo_zps194b60d9.jpg photo photo_zps6981a2df.jpg photo photo_zps0b8b5866.jpg  photo photo_zps860f4cd8.jpg
 photo photo_zps24fb7c3a.jpg
(that muscle on my leg tho) well what.

Vintage brown overalls: Bershka
Pink cropped top: New Look (my fave store ever!)
Bracelets: Rubi Shoes Singapore.

And my new obsession.....okay that neon pink line on those woody wedges was super lovely!! It was by the brand Vin Tage *with the sun on it* i don't really know it but i bought it from Linea and it was actually my mom's, and the whole outfit was! hahahaha mom-know-me-da-best {}

 photo photo_zpsb6d1405c.jpg

So that was my latest outfit, lemme know what do you think about this outfit down below :))
And happy Eid Mubarak!! I'm late, I know. But its better late than never, rite? tehee have a nice day!


Aug 7, 2013


Hey guise,

{Crop Tops - Flare Skirt - Highwaisted Shorts}
SOOOOO. i'm currently in love with these things and been wearing it like all the time. It just comfortable and nice to wear like omfg srsly.

 photo mege_zps8eb3f1bc.jpg

My pineapple top is so addicting, all in pineapple is just so tropical and summer(ry)!! (well that was my opinion tehehe:p). It was from H&M.
And my black flare skirt was from Cotton On.

I know its kinda weird to post an outfit this way. (plus i didn't post any other photos of this outfit. ps: i don't have any!!)
I've been editing my photos like this for like several months and what, i'm obsessed. Can't stop. Like. I just can't. When I'm in love, i won't stop. yeah

JFYI, i'm using photoshop. It's quite confusing at first but when you use it more often, it more like your best(est)-friend, yeah// They absolutely know what you want. //

So that is. Lemme know what do you think about this outfit :)