Dec 31, 2013

Happy New Year 2014!

I can't believe its 2014!!!
I mean, I feel like i just passed 2012....{you know what i was quite scared that the world will be ended that time, hahahah am i as dumb as that} *btw excuse the weird position of the first picture*
2013 passed like real fast, thank-you so much to all people that made my year so meaningful, special and unforgettable, i mean like hm i love you guys so much and this year taught me bunches of thingy things.
I didn't have any plan this year, not like the other years. I stayed at home with my family, well it just me mom dad and my lil brother actually. But i kinda enjoy how this year pass, we had a din din at home together, playing fireworks and the most important thing, I ate a lot lot lot lot lot.
I asked my biggest bro to brought me a dozen of egg tarts cause i'm craving like that hahaha but i ended up eating only 3 of them. I can't eat anymore....but actually i want to. BADLY. I refuse to have my self weighed because i know i would gained like 1-2 kilos XD

Ah, and last of the last i made this video! Its my new year's resolutions, and new year's greeting from meh! I repeated to say happy new year for 4 of 5 times, i mean i know i'm so awkward i'm the most awkward person in the wooooorrrrllldddd hhahaha

But i hope you enjoy the video,and happy new year!! :)

Dec 21, 2013

Grown Up

I've been so into running shoes for the last several months, i just like wearing it everywhere. I think it's quite casually sporty and comfy to wear.
 photo f0e2761c-a2c2-4450-96d5-a51a726a784d_zps30c03d06.jpg

 photo 719a6792-ba18-43a2-8554-fd7fc8f80f9e_zps87cb4060.jpg

 photo photo_zps6afbade0.jpg 
 photo photo_zpse59b8afe.jpg

And I just had my sweet-seventeen birthday party on 8 December, going to post it soon! { A lil bit late but ya } I just got all the photos from my Event Organizer and still haven't working on it yet hahaha

Okay back to main topic, so that's how i got this Nike Shoes, so it's not a running shoes but still look sporty and it's white and puuurty i just so in love with it. My brother bought it for me hehehe loveya

 photo photo_zps7dc42646.jpg

 photo photo_zps4e952afe.jpg

 photo photo_zpsc0a0babc.jpg 
 photo DSC_6563_zps90cc449a.jpg
Tartan Shirt PULL AND BEAR
Shoes NIKE

Ah you know what Christmas is almost here, 3 DAYS MORE. Idk but i feel this year past really fast, faster than last year. I mean, like omg it was December 2013 now, lets count down to 2014! *HUGE EXCITEMENT*
I still can't believe that I finally past my 17, like ummm i don't wanna get old faster, i just want my 16 back or whatever but i'm feeling old {or mature maybe?} hahahha i don't like growing up too fast, you know everybody does.

I just want to wish you all a happy Christmas, hope you all get the most lovelies presents and don't forget the most important things, the moments!!

Nov 23, 2013

Bohemian enough? - cc: @HIPPEARCE

I just got back from live in (kind of retreat or study tour stuffs) from Kopeng like a week ago and my school's stuffs just driving me crazy like you wont past a day without assignments or tests omg dead dead dead
But i finally get a chance to spend my time with my PC+wifi. Like the best thing ever ay

I took these pict a day right before i went to Kopeng. I was chosen by the gorg Pevita Pearce and Alika Islamadina as 1 of 5 top bloggers in #Localbloggerid competition, it was just unpredictable 'cause all the other blogger were more more more famous and better than mine i mean like srsly :O
The other top 5 blogger: Aiiness, Cathysie, Elxielvina, and Yukianas.(Yukianas won the competition btw!)

I'd like to thanks my mum and my bro and all the relatives for promoting my pict while i'm not around, i'm not allowed to bring any phone or electronic devices to Kopeng, so are all my friends :")
But I mean i love you guys so much, i can't even describe how much i love you, and when i get back to my house and checking my iPod, phone and whatevs, it just made my day. *omg i'm serious XD*

So almost all the accessories (earrings, necklace and bag) sponsored by HIPPEARCE, i just love all of them like the most gorgeous thingy thing. I was planned to took these pictures outdoor but then the weather is just hated me so much and rained so I did it in my house.

 photo DSC_6148_zps4cf8cd11.jpg

 photo DSC_6133_zps342edbb8.jpg

 photo DSC_6166_zpsa8c13a2f.jpg

 photo DSC_6179_zpsf936501b.jpg

Top: Random shop
Shorts: Forever 21
Bracelets: Picked randomly from my wardrobe (TLTSN, new look, etc)
Boots: Stradivarius

This boho chic style is not really my style but i tried it anyway XD
It kinda makes me feel like Vanessa Hudgens (?) OMG AHHAHA
but like srsly i adore Vanessa so muchmuchmuch, like she's pretty, talented and she got an amazing style.
Well, but i don't think really rock this kind outfit but i just love it.♥

BTW, this is the picture i use for the competition, if you guys haven't seen it yet on @localbrandid instagram:D
 photo dsgfsgsdgsg_zpse838c001.jpg

Oct 17, 2013

Little Thought

HEEEEY i finally recovered. I just got sick like 4 days ago and yeah i hate sick, and its holiday. EW why.

I got this thing been in my mind for last 2 months. 
No offense, but i think Indonesian people's words are mean. I followed @/ootdmagazine and @/ootdindo on instagram for a quite long time and i've been seeing this for so long and i just don't like how it ends (almost) everytime @/ootdindo post a new outfit from a lot different people.
1. Nay, too simple.
2. Nay, too much.
3. Nay, gak cocok. (didn't match)
4. Nay, jelek. (ugly/not good looking)
5. ABSOLUTELY NAY and the others meanie meanie 'NAY'.
Everybody got the right to wear whatever they want. OOTD=outfit of the day, so i think it's okay to be too simple or too much. Cause when you feel comfortable and confident with your style that's the point of being true to yourself. If you don't like their style you can just leave it without like, and maybe you can leave some suggestions (in a polite way), you don't have to insult their style cause it's theirs and you're not forced to wear everything @/ootdindo posted, rite? :))
Just saying anyway. Sorry if i offended some of you, girls.
 photo photo_zps71720b39.jpg
Outer - Kidnapped Ally
Bustier - New Look
Shorts - Lilmiss Colette
Belt - New Look
Watch - Bitenji (@Bitenji on Instagram)
Bag - Bershka
Sunnies - Lilmiss Colette
Shoes - New Balance

 photo photo_zps7b2e9354.jpg

 photo photo_zpse17f93db.jpg
 photo photo_zps21e042b4.jpg photo photo_zpsa515f010.jpg

 photo photo_zps1dd4ba4d.jpg

My shoes is actually my little brother's, he was just 10 and he said he can't wear it because it too small. Idek i have no idea but i can wear it, just like a perfect sized shoes for meh! hahah and i really in love with em:))

Hows your day guys?
Have a nice day!! :)

Oct 10, 2013

You will never too old

 photo photo_zps184c4981.jpg
Hey guise. I finally had my mid term break, i've been waiting for like 100++days and its finally here.

I dont think this is really mid term break cause we still have a lot of projects and those thingy things. Ugh.

 photo photo_zps6d4c13ca.jpg   And by the way i went to GoGirl Expo last week, visiting my bestie booth. Its pretty crowded and there's a lot of super kewl things i just cant
I mean can i buy all of them i just love it
 photo photo_zps050f84b1.jpg

 photo photo_zps59159703.jpg

 photo photo_zpsdc7f8d80.jpg
Ah and my {almost} whole outfit are from h&m. The jacket, skirt and beanie. I purchased it last holiday in Singapore.
I got my platform sandals from a shop and i forgot the name but  its so comfortable and worth buying. 

 photo photo_zps4c284b90.jpg
And this is my fave part of my outfit, my clear clutch! I got them from @clutchtheclutch *check it out on instagram!*

I took these photos in Gandaria City Car Park LOL and i go inside a trolley beside my car hahahah :P you'll never too old to sit inside a trolley!

Have a nice day :)

Oct 3, 2013

Flowers in your hair

This song have been stuck in my mind for about months and i cant stop listening to it. I mean, that was just a perfection in 111 secs. I'm so in love with this.

Flowers in your hair - Lumineers. TRY IT TRY IT

Have i tell you my new addiction, i just so in love with daisies and sunflowers, i just cant even ugh.
They're just pretty and purrrrrfect.

 photo DSC_5667_zpse25e6db5.jpg  photo DSC_5664_zps377b782d.jpg  photo DSC_5660_zps6d74ba07.jpg  photo DSC_5676_zps03d896ce.jpg  photo DSC_5677_zps23ee79dd.jpg 
 photo DSC_5697_zps959765ed.jpg I took this picture last week actually but i was pretty busy at that time so i can't post it.
I'm wearing a black tank top by Giordano, Black Flare Skirt by Cotton On, my shoes by Doc Martens and my cutie socks was from Topshop.
I know this outfit was pretty simple so i'm wearing my flower crown (or can i call it flower band?) and my earring by forever21. I just got my right ear pierced, people said that it doesnt hurt at all but it actually hurt. a little bit.

Btw I'm on my clean eating progress, I avoid all those sweet treats like crazy :((
I'm envying those girls that eat so much but never gain any weight. YOU LUCKY.
And actually clean eating was good, it not only get you skinnier but it helps keeping you healthy and fit.

So that's all about my last outfit photos, did you guise finished your mid term test yet? Good luck anyway :D
Have a nice day!


Aug 13, 2013


Hello guise!! :) :D :) :D
Excuse those emoticons idk what i just type tehehehehe i'm feeling like a weirdo now

Okay, so i'm posting a new outfit again!!! YAY i like it when i post more often hahaha i love holiday:)
I got a lot of spare time to take some pict of my outfit and post it to my blog, thats why i hate doing homework and studying on my holiday. I mean, that was the 'I-DID-IT-ALL-ON-MY-SCHOOL-WEEK' things. 
But don't worry, it'll be done later. These blogging things won't disturb my school stuffs. {TRUST ME}

 photo photo_zps92dd2408.jpg
 photo photo_zps194b60d9.jpg photo photo_zps6981a2df.jpg photo photo_zps0b8b5866.jpg  photo photo_zps860f4cd8.jpg
 photo photo_zps24fb7c3a.jpg
(that muscle on my leg tho) well what.

Vintage brown overalls: Bershka
Pink cropped top: New Look (my fave store ever!)
Bracelets: Rubi Shoes Singapore.

And my new obsession.....okay that neon pink line on those woody wedges was super lovely!! It was by the brand Vin Tage *with the sun on it* i don't really know it but i bought it from Linea and it was actually my mom's, and the whole outfit was! hahahaha mom-know-me-da-best {}

 photo photo_zpsb6d1405c.jpg

So that was my latest outfit, lemme know what do you think about this outfit down below :))
And happy Eid Mubarak!! I'm late, I know. But its better late than never, rite? tehee have a nice day!


Aug 7, 2013


Hey guise,

{Crop Tops - Flare Skirt - Highwaisted Shorts}
SOOOOO. i'm currently in love with these things and been wearing it like all the time. It just comfortable and nice to wear like omfg srsly.

 photo mege_zps8eb3f1bc.jpg

My pineapple top is so addicting, all in pineapple is just so tropical and summer(ry)!! (well that was my opinion tehehe:p). It was from H&M.
And my black flare skirt was from Cotton On.

I know its kinda weird to post an outfit this way. (plus i didn't post any other photos of this outfit. ps: i don't have any!!)
I've been editing my photos like this for like several months and what, i'm obsessed. Can't stop. Like. I just can't. When I'm in love, i won't stop. yeah

JFYI, i'm using photoshop. It's quite confusing at first but when you use it more often, it more like your best(est)-friend, yeah// They absolutely know what you want. //

So that is. Lemme know what do you think about this outfit :)


Jun 14, 2013

To live and let go

Hey guys i'm so happy that summer break is finally here, yay!
 photo photo_zpsb2924cc5.jpg

Have you checked my instagram yet? If you did you must be know that I've posted a picture about my #summerbreaktodolist which i think its really fun to do.
Oh, i actually blurred it because i'd like to post it one by one, and i hope i could post it all to my blog soon and because posting to my blog is one of those thing to do in my list so, yeah!:)))

This is my first #summerbreaktodolist on the first day of holiday. My holiday will be until 23rd July, so loong omg i'm so happy XD
 photo photo_zpsa0de15bd.jpg  photo photo_zps138309f8.jpg  photo photo_zpsb2f9c0d0.jpg  photo photo_zps68a3e346.jpg  photo photo_zpsa83d592b.jpg  photo photo_zpse7a7a6d4.jpg

So about my outfit here is it:
Jumpsuit ZARA TRF
Fringe Sandals Payless Shoesource
Nail Polish The Face Shop
I love Payless Shoesource shoes with the brand "Brash", i also got a pair of pump heels which is my current fave pump heels now. They're so comfortable and cheapieees, and the most important thing is they're so meeee. When you're ready come and get it na na na na

 photo photo_zps33dff21d.jpg Say hello to my little baby, Kuro! Gewk

You know sometimes i wish having my own photographer, its kinda tiring to have yourself as a model and photographer at the same time. Like you gotta set the camera on the angle that you want, and you have to pose in about 10secs. And the most annoying part is when you having your head cropped because the camera zoomed and you didnt even recognize it.
But, anyway thanks to mr tripod for accompanying me in almost every post, and keeping secret about every weird things i've done. 

I know I talked too much... Okay
So thats all about my first #summerbreaktodolist and i hope you guys have a nice holiday! Yay

*ps: if you guys trying it too, dont forget to hashtag #summerbreaktodolist on instagram or twitter and let me know whats on your to-do list :))


Jan 12, 2013


I started my school like 5 days ago. I'm officially a social student now, and everything is (almost) perfect.
I love my new schedule, thats really great not to see any science subjects on my schedule. I'm gonna have some tests next week, but for sure i'll be ready. *early semester's spirit*

You know though I'm pretty loving my new schedule but i'll always excited for weekend. Its kinda hard to sleep and wake up earlier and when the weekend came i was like "i'll never gonna leave this bed."





Photobucket Photobucket



So i'm wearing a peach colored vest from New Look, unknown tank(i found it on my wardrobe idk where did i buy it :X ), bleached denim(DIY) i bought the original shorts from colorbox and a spikey hat a gift from Rrobateen ♥

I look fat with a vest i think, and with that shorts too idk why i just feel like that everytime i take a look at my photos.

Hope you guys have a great days! xo