Apr 30, 2012

Proud to be an INDONESIAN♥

DANG! Thanks God, I've passed my national exam :):)
And....thanks for everyone that have came to our bazaar on 27-28apr♥
Okay, it was soooo tiring. We have to carry so much things and waiting until someone buy it, and its so hooot.
But i think its pretty good how me and my friends could being together selling our stuffs:-)
Although we didn't get so much money, but we got an experience that we will never forget. Really ahahha thanks fellas muah xx

By the way i'm selling my tuxedo heels and my Doc Martens Boots. Actually i love that boots, but it doesn't fit on my foot. For anyone who want this boots, you can contact me on facebook/twitter. Size 38 ;);)

I was wearing my own made batik shorts, and bow tie. That shorts actually was the shorts i didn't want anymore, and i'm going to throw it ahhaha :p and that was batik shirt that too small already so.....i start my experiment with it and... HAHA:$



I regret to wear heels, its so hot and we have to stand up to get fresh air..... But, okay its hurt my legs  ajkbdjalkbfrweo until finally i decided to wear my friend sandals :|

On my second day, i didn't take any photos. We are busy walking around searching something to buy:P
and....i got a pair of earring and a lovely top♥ *okay though i don't have much money* haha
At that time, Dian Kasih National School also held some match and congrats for the winner!;);) xxo

I just came back from the bazaar about at 3pm and i have to go again! *sigh* i'm going to go to my cousins wedding. Happy wedding Ko Ardi and Ci Okta:)
By the way, i've started my holiday:P i just have to come to school for once or twice again.
Gonna miss them all for sure haahhh

and have a nice day, readers! Much love xxxo

Apr 15, 2012

Passion For Fashion With Lilmiss Colette

Haa! I'm on my holiday now, my school called it "Minggu Tenang" it is a week before my national exam. :(
I'm going to have my national exam next week, wish me super luck!
And the best thing about next week, I'm going to have a Bazaar with my friend's Online Shop, Lilmiss Colette!
I'm going to sell my things in very loooow price! and i have decided that 10% of my things profit will be reserve for social activity;)
All secondhand stuff that i sell is just used for a photoshoot, or used once even never used before. So i decided to sell it instead of being inside of my wardrobe, and don't worry, they are in a good condition, of course! :)
I also sell some of my shoes, and new stuff f make sure that you come to our Bazaar on Saturday, 28th of April on Dian Kasih National School, Citra garden 3. For further information, go follow my friend --- @lilmisscolette :D


Apr 5, 2012

Collar and promises


I have bought this collar about hmmm 2 months ago from Stella Neckwear. I really like it, but i cant found any clothes that match with it, and finally i just found it yesterday :P
My face look so white and pale there and i hate the bangs, i cut it by my self last week and it looks like...... :|

Photobucket Photobucket
I pair it with a stripped-sweater from Topshop, with a plain black shorts.
I was searching for a skater black skirt, but i still can't find it:S

By the way, see! I'm wearing bracelet which i bought at Spring Wipe Out, from kak Diana Rikasari's Booth. They're too lovely♥

And the last, maybe it's too fast, but i wanna say Happy Easter Day for all Christian People;);)
Much love, xxoooo

Apr 3, 2012

Freedom for a while

HHHHEY! I just can't believe that I have passed all the school's exams and also still can't believe that I will leave my school just for about 3 weeks more after the National Exam:""
Time goes so fast, I feel like I just start my junior high school and now I'm going to continue my study as a senior high school student on July:O

Bytheway, I have cut my hair about several weeks ago, and now I feel like ummm, it's too short. Wdyt?

The photo was taken at Taman Anggrek Mall by my friend, Calvin (follow him @xcalvin13 :D) about a week ago to celebrate my friend's birthday, MELINDA! (follow her also @heyaitsmelinda) :3
But i didn't get any picture with her, except with her shoes-__-

That day i wear an asymmetric yellow shirt, and ripped jeans from my friend's shop Lilmiss Collete also my new shoes from Anastasia's booth that i bought on Spring Wipe Out last time:P


. Photobucket
And you know, I feel so colorful that time. See, I wear a yellow shirt and i brought a pink bag with green shoes LOOL XD

I really like my friend, Regina's outfit that time. (she is the owner of Lilmiss Collete!:P)
Regina wear her closet's leather jacket and jeans legging. She looks a lot like Vanessa Hudgens♥♥
And also Jessica's shoes, that she got from Central Park New Look♥

Me and my friends going to have a blog that will post anything about us, I'll tell you soon about the address!!:P Much love xxxooo